What if DCIM, compute, network and storage were integrated and intelligent?

And they wrote a data center optimization algorithm with IT, Ops, Compliance, Legal, Accounting, and the world’s best and brightest engineers?

Where would your data center be?


Bastionhost develops ultra-efficient, military-spec Tier II - Tier IV data center colocation facilities. We design, build and operate for 100% uptime to enterprises, service providers and governments.

Our EU and Canadian privacy-compliant data centers are optimally sited on lowest latency diverse fiberoptic routes between New York City and London - without the high costs and risks of major metros.

Among the most energy efficient co-lo data centers on Earth, our power loads for cooling compute are less than 4% of the industry average. We harness Canada’s abundant free cooling to achieve a PUE under 1.1, day and night - every season of the year.

Vendor, OS and application agnostic, and carrier, CDN and transit neutral, Bastionhost's Infrastructure-as-a-Service data center platforms are designed and built to ensure high availability, security – and flexibility - at a fair price.


A dot-com entrepreneur turns a Cold War bunker into a high-tech haven
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